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Senscio Systems Expands to Pennsylvania and North Carolina

Senscio to provide whole person care to members with chronic conditions including COPD, heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

Harvard, MA — Senscio Systems, a tech-enabled medical provider defining a new care model for complex patients, announced today the expansion of the company’s coverage area to include Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Senscio’s Ibis Health Program (Ibis) is delivered to Members through a network of specialty practices and provides daily support from a dedicated care team and AI-guided reminders, workflows, and care management protocols.

The Ibis Health Program works with a Member’s primary care team and specialists to increase engagement, care plan adherence, and self-management of a Member’s chronic conditions. Each Member builts a trusting 1:1 relationship with a Member Advocate and receives a dedicated tablet (the Ibis Hub) to facilitate:

  • Whole-person care planning including preventive services counseling
  • Health coaching and care navigation
  • Medication reconciliation and care transition support
  • Vitals, symptoms, and adherence monitoring as well as triage and escalation of emergent issues
  • Behavioral health assessment, coordination, and teletherapy services
  • Care supervision by Ibis physicians and nurse practitioners

Older adults are disproportionately affected by chronic conditions, with nearly 95 percent having at least one chronic condition, and nearly 80 percent having two or more. At the same time, Medicare expenditures are expected to grow from approximately $769 Billion in 2020 to $1.5 Trillion in 2031, driven by an aging US population and the burden of chronic disease. 

“Even the best-performing primary care practices struggle to close care gaps and support their most complex patients between visits. Value-based reimbursement, care gap reporting and predictive analytics, while necessary, are insufficient,” said Senscio Systems’ Founder and CEO, Piali De. “Senscio Systems is a wholly new approach. We provide unprecedented whole person care, and I am thrilled that people with chronic conditions in Pennsylvania and North Carolina are now eligible to access the Ibis Health Program.”

Ibis services are covered by Medicare Part B, and many beneficiaries with secondary coverage pay no out-of-pocket costs for these services, which have been shown to drive the following outcomes:

  • High Member satisfaction with 85 percent care plan adherence 
  • 37 percent reduction in inpatient admissions in a randomized controlled trial of COPD patients
  • 26 percent reduction in total medical expenses for the most complex patients

“For those managing chronic illnesses, the ability to stay healthy at home is critical. Unfortunately, navigating one’s health care journey with multiple chronic conditions can sometimes be a bumpy and confusing path. I'm pleased that The Ibis Health Program is launching its remote care for complex patients in North Carolina,” said Grace E. Terrell MD, MMM.

Senscio’s proprietary AI-guided workflows are based on specialist-developed, constantly refreshed clinical algorithms that promote self-management of chronic conditions by identifying challenges, setting goals and delivering real-time reminders. Built upon the patented Scio™ framework, the artificially intelligent inference engine that contextualizes data in any domain into actionable intelligence, Senscio is uniquely positioned to provide daily, personalized support cost-effectively at scale.

About Senscio Systems

Senscio is a digital health company defining a new care model for complex patients by delivering services directly to patients through a network of specialty practices. Senscio’s Ibis Health Program improves outcomes and reduces total medical expense through daily support from a dedicated care team as well as AI-guided reminders, workflows, and care management protocols. Senscio partners with payers as well as provider organizations to improve quality, access and value cost-effectively at scale. To learn more about the Ibis Health Program please visit, and to learn more about Senscio, visit