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Senscio’s Digital Twin for Health (DT4H)

What is Senscio’s Digital Twin?

Senscio’s Digital Twin is a unique digital representation of a person’s behaviors, health status and health outcomes. Used to power Senscio’s Ibis Health Program, the Digital Twin tracks and trends changes in health related to behaviors and outcomes. The historical knowledge that is preserved in the Digital Twin is used to anticipate declining health and identify personalized interventions.

How does Senscio’s Ibis Program use the Digital Twin?

Sometimes referred to as a "Digital Twin For Health (DT4H)", the Digital Twin gives Senscio Ibis the ability to learn what makes each Ibis member unique. With an Ibis Digital Twin you learn what actions and environments impact what behaviors, what behaviors and environmental factors impact what measures of health and what measures of health impact what health outcomes. Through these correlations, care plans, alerts and reminders can be uniquely optimized.

Senscio uses the Digital Twin to improve member health by:

  • Noticing changes in health and initiating effective self-recovery
  • Learning how health changes with self-care and reinforcing good habits
  • Learning how medications impact health and adjusting accordingly
  • Learning how interventions from the care team affect self-care and reinforcing accordingly

Senscio’s AI derives data from analysis in real-time as input data is entered. This means the digital twin always reflects how you have changed and who you are at this precise moment in time. 

What are the practical benefits of Senscio’s Digital Twin? 

Unlike systems relying on relational databases, Senscio’s infrastructure is modeled graphically, managed in memory and runs on events, allowing us to scale efficiently as Ibis Program membership grows in size and complexity.

While traditional data models struggle to represent a large data domain, Senscio’s model improves with every new data feed. This performance advantage allows Senscio to generate alerts and reminders to both members and the Ibis Program care team in real-time at scale.


When combined, the advantages of Senscio’s Digital Twin compound. This gives the Ibis Program the unique ability to provide members whole-person health management powered by real-time reminders and alerts to both beneficiaries and their care team.

Finally, the benefits of Senscio’s Ibis Program are not limited to a single disease state, a single therapy or a single speciality. The more we know about our members, the better our Digital Twins can predict outcomes and recommend actions for both members and providers.

Stay tuned for more about Senscio’s Digital Twin

We have seen substantial improvements in health outcomes driven by the application of this technology to the Ibis Health Program. We are excited about the continuing development of the Senscio infrastructure under the guidance of our Clinical Innovation Council, our partners and our members.

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