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Senscio's "Six Pillars" approach to complex care management

Remote Monitoring and Self-Recovery (1)

Ibis Health is already working to fill gaps in the health care system for thousands of New Englanders with complex chronic disease, providing support between visits to medical providers and empowering its members to live well independently. Combining AI-powered round-the-clock virtual care with clinical team support, the groundbreaking chronic care management program by Senscio Systems is structured around Six Pillars of Care:

  • Member Engagement: Determining what matters most to members and helping them set and reach achievable goals
  • Medication Adherence: Encouraging members to take the medications their providers have prescribed, at the right time and in the right manner
  • Remote Monitoring and Self-Recovery: Reviewing red-flag health alerts in a timely manner and intervening as necessary to help keep members feeling their best and reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations
  • Preventive Screenings: Emphasizing the importance of early detection and ensuring access to preventive care
  • Whole Person Care Planning: Taking a holistic approach to members’ care that considers individuals’ social, emotional and community needs alongside their physical well-being
  • Care Escalation and Integration: Engaging with primary care and specialist teams to ensure clinical follow-up and clear communication among all the partners involved in a member’s care

Learn how Senscio's Six Pillars of Care guides Ibis Health clinicians in providing personalized support to its members.

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