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How Senscio Delivers AI-Guided Care Management with Esper

Senscio's Ibis Health Program, a care management program for individuals with chronic health conditions like COPD, diabetes, and congestive heart failure works with a combination of AI-guided clinical protocols and a specialized team to provide relationship based care and support. A key component of the system is an application called IbisHub™,  the interface that lives in members homes in the form of a secure touch screen tablet. IbisHub™ allows members to record their symptoms and vital signs, delivers alerts and reminders and sends red flag alerts to remote care teams for just-in-time clinical intervention.

By leveraging Esper's capabilities, it has enabled Senscio to manage the Android operating system on the tablets and ensure that the IbisHubapplication remains secure and accessible. Esper has provided features to lock down the devices, preventing users from accessing unrelated functions and maintaining a user-friendly interface similar to other household appliances. This collaboration ensures the security of users data is protected with Esper Mobile Device Management.

Keiran Stoddart

Chief Technology Officer

"Our technology team doesn’t want to be spending time making sure that our tablets are locked down. They want to be building the applications that we give to our members to manage their chronic conditions. Using Esper, we’ve taken something that isn’t our core value proposition and frees us up to work on our core value proposition."




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